Monday, December 22, 2014

January Potluck to Discuss Interfaith "End of Life" Issues

The Brookings Interfaith Council will next gather at 6:30pm on Thursday, January 8, at the Brookings Public Library. Our customary potluck will be followed by a broad-ranging discussion regarding "end of life" issues.

As people of different faiths approach the end of their lives, they and their families commonly face a variety of difficult tasks and decisions. Examples include:
  • how to provide caregiving
  • how one can die with dignity
  • how to deal with wills, living wills and durable powers of attorney
  • how to relate to medical professionals and others who aren't familiar with one's religious tradition
  • how to go through pre-death rituals (e.g., confession of sins, preparation to "meet one's maker," asking forgiveness from those who may have been wronged)
  • how to conduct after-death rituals (e.g., care of the body, mourning)
  • how death, and talking about death, is viewed by those involved

Please bring a potluck dish to pass, if you're able, or just show up for the evening. All are welcome. Invite a friend. Please be aware that many in our interfaith community do not eat pork or may be vegetarian.