Mission. The mission of the Brookings Interfaith Council is to foster genuine understanding, respect and appreciation of diversity among people of faith (including non-theists) in our community. The Council cultivates peace and justice by engaging in dialogue to bridge religious and cultural differences and to bring the wisdom and values of our traditions to bear on the challenges facing our society.

History. In 2010 Brookings-area residents from various faith backgrounds began holding regular potlucks followed by discussions on a rich potpourri of themes—spiritual, religious, ethical, cultural. Initially our conversations were rather formal and reserved. But gradually, through the breaking of bread together, the sharing of our stories, and the exchange of our perspectives, trust deepened. Interaction became more relaxed, with an abundance of humor and candor. In the summer of 2013, Council leadership decided to expand these interfaith activities through wider public outreach and more direct engagement with community issues.

Membership. All who participate belong. All events are free and open to the public. Association with a religious tradition is neither required nor expected of those who attend. The Council has a very inclusive understanding of "faith" and freely welcomes individuals of good will whose perspectives are non-theistic or non-religious.

Leadership. Council activities are organized by a group of volunteers who are regular participants in Council events and who have expressed interest in serving on the leadership team. Current volunteers represent Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Baha'i and Buddhist faith traditions. Volunteers need not be members of a particular faith tradition to serve.

Communication. To stay informed about Council events, please sign up to receive blog updates by email (see the sign-up box in the navigation bar) and/or contact us to be added to our email list. You may also contact us with suggestions for Council discussions, activities, and more.