Friday, August 25, 2017

The Fall 2017 Interfaith Dialogues, sponsored by the Brookings Interfaith Council.
All gatherings will begin at 6:30pm with a potluck meal and conclude around 8:30pm.

·         Mon, September 11
o   Topic: Religion, Race, and Identity. How do our beliefs and our faith communities shape our sense of self and our view of others?
o   Location: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church [726 6th St.]
·         Mon, October 2
o   Topic: World Habitat Day. What do our faith traditions tell us about charity, service, and advocacy?
o   Location: Brookings Public library [515 3rd Street]
·         Mon, November 13
o   Topic: Collaborating across differences. What can we learn from different faith communities working together?
o   Location: Brookings Public library [515 3rd Street]
·         Mon, December 4
o   Topic: Prayer. What perspectives and practices shape your approach to prayer?
o   Location: Islamic Society of Brookings [724 11th Ave.]

Also join us for Interfaith Prayer and Reflection on the first Friday of every month, 7:00 pm at the Nagy residence, 1936 Orchard Drive. All are encouraged to bring and share prayers, poems, scripture, music, and anything else that moves you. These gatherings are intended to foster spiritually heightened conversations, fellowship, and common cause. For more information, contact Dianne at 605-695-7596.