Monday, January 23, 2023

Please find our schedule for Spring 2023 Interfaith discussions

All meetings Start 6:30 pm

Tuesday, January 24
Topic: Holy Envy: What do you like about other faith traditions?
Location: St. Paul's
Facilitator: Larry Ort

Tuesday, February 28
Topic: The Lives of the Prophets: What can we learn from the life stories of Prophets from various faith traditions?
Location: Brookings Islamic Center
Facilitator: Fathi Halaweish

Tuesday, March 28
Topic:  Conservative and Progressive Alliances across Religions in the US: Frictions and Bridges in a Pluralistic Society. 
Location: TBD
Facilitator: James Murphy

Tuesday, April 25
Topic: Living the Golden Rule: How can we facilitate a just transition to a clean energy economy?
Location: TBD
Facilitator: Dianne Nagy

BIC discussions seek to foster genuine understanding, respect and appreciation of diversity among people of faith (including non-theists) in our community. Thank you