Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Justice for Black Lives Demonstration- Brookings, SD

What: Justice for Black Lives Demonstration- Brookings, SD
When: 6pm Friday, June 5th, 2020
Where: We will start by gathering at the courthouse lawn and proceed on the route in the map. Stops for actions/Speakers will take place at the Post Office, Brookings Police Department, and the City Government Center. We will end where we started at the courthouse.

Expectations for our demonstration: this is a peaceful march to support Justice for Black Lives and to call for continued engagement with the BIPOC community to stop systematic police brutality in our country. Demonstrators will observe the messaging of peaceful protest and intervene (if they feel comfortable) if they see participants getting off track of our demonstration. The first ammendment provides us with right to assemble publicly, and as such we are to stay on public sidewalks and cannot impede traffic.
COVID-19 safety preparations: it is highly recommended that masks are worn by every participant. We are trying to get some masks available for those that don't have them. We understand that some would like masks to be required, but given that our demonstration will take place on public property and not private, we have no way to implement that requirement. It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. We will also have hand sanitizer set up at water tables. Although it is difficult to maintain the recommended 6ft distance when we are together on a sidewalk, please try and keep a full arms length-6ft distance while marching and at the stops.
Accessibility: The route follows public sidewalks and chairs are allowed to be set up as long as they do not impede walking flow. We will use a megaphone that has been offered for any verbal messaging. If anyone is available to provide ASL translation, please let us know!
Other safety considerations: in addition to COVID-19 precautions and maintaining peaceful demonstrations, please keep in mind that it is expected to be in the high 70⁰s to low 80⁰s on Friday. Be sure to stay hydrated and alert for heat exhaustion symptoms. Wear sunscreen.
Parking: there is public parking next to the library, in front of courthouse and Government Center parking becomes public at 6pm so we are able to use that as well.
In planning, we have had messaging and involvement with SDSU Multicultural Center and Black Student Alliance, the Brookings Human Rights Commission, and Brookings Police Department. We've also emailed the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Brookings Inc to ask for the support of local businesses.